no pesticide, no alcohol, no odours, no essential oil and no side-effect
What is Delycin ?

Delycin is a registered Trade Mark. It literally means "the substance to destroy head lice".

Indeed, this fantastic herbal solution has been sold in UK in the past 10 years under the more straight forward brand name: "Rapid Headlice Killer", as it can wipe out head lice infestation by just one application. After selling thousands of bottles in the past, Herbal World, the manufacturer of Delycin, has received many positive comments and recommendations.

Delycin, the highly effective herbal formula, is made up of a number of aqueous extracts of a few Chinese herbs. These herbs have been used for centuries in China to repel various species of human lice (head lice, body lice, pubic lice and cloth lice). These herbal extracts have been shown to be safe and effective repellents. Unlike chemical repellents, which contain one active ingredient, Delycin Spray Solution contains more than just one effective substance. The additional advantages of this formula are that it contains neither alcohol nor essential oils, which are disliked by some parents, owing to the possibility, however slight, of allergic reactions etc.

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Summary of advantages:

1. Pure herbal formula (natural)
2. Used for centuries (effects proved)
3. Used in UK for 10 years (many positive feedback)
4. Require just one application (potent and simple)
5. Resistance unlikely (many active substances)
6. Still effective for re-infestation
7. No side effect
8. No synthetical pesticide
9. No alcohol
10. No essential oil
11. No odours
12. Full guarantee

Direction for use:

One bottle is enough for one application on a girl with long hair. Briefly, Delycin is sprayed on cleaned hair and remained overnight with hair to be covered using shower cap. For more details of direction please refer to the leaflet accompanied with Delycin.

Full Guarantee:

We are very confident to guarantee that you will be pleased with the effects of Delycin. If you are, however, unhappy with whatever about Delycin, please return the unused Delycin or the used empty bottle for 100% refund. No question to be asked!

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