no pesticide, no alcohol, no odours, no essential oil and no side-effect
Comments from Customers

I read the description about Delycin and thought that it was too good to be true.  However, as my daughter was suffering from the head lice badly and tried three repellents without success, I decided to try Delycin.  Unbelievably, it was as good as the website said.  Mike Donovan, Putney

Delycin is the best available treatment on the market in my experience, without using any chemicals.  Liz Sippy, Spain

"My children got head lice a few times in last 3 years. After tried a few natural head lice repellents, it appears that Delycin is the best."  Mrs Linda Hyland, Wandsworth

"......It certainly does work very quickly, I'm really impressed.  I have not spotted any more head lice.  I can't say thank you enough."   J. Hardy, Richmond

"Hi, Herbal World customers!  We would like to tell you of the "Rapid Headlice Killer" we bought here.  It is extremely effective and our children much prefer this product to others, as it has no smell and is completely natural.  We would recommend this product for the whole family."  Mr + Mrs Clohessy, Southfield

"......It removed all head lice despite my Afro-style hair from which, as it's very curly, it's very difficult to get rid of head lice."  M Roger, Horsham