no pesticide, no alcohol, no odours, no essential oil and no side-effect
Introduction to Delycin

As one of the most annoying childhood problems since remote ancient time, head lice have comfortably survived from all science and technology revolutions so far and are still spreading daily as widely as ever.  The reason is simple: although several powerful chemical products are available to treat infestation, many species of head lice are becoming resistant to these. Consequently, these chemical products are proving ever more ineffective. 

In addition, many parents are loath to use these potentially toxic preparations.  The herbal preparations, such as Delycin Spray Solution,  provide a natural means of fighting head lice, thereby minimising the need for treatment, per se.

Delycin is a relatively new herbal product, but the effects of the herbal components against head lice are not new finding at all:  the active herbal components have been used to treat various human lice since ancient time in China.  For instance, as early as year 100 BC, the oldest Chinese Materia Medica, “Shen Nong Ben Cao”, described the use of Caoho (aka Ching-Hao), the dark green tops of Artesmisa annua or Sweet Wormwood, applied topically to kill lice.  Ching-Hao is still used in traditional Chinese medicine as a topical parasiticide. 

Because Delycin is a pure herbal preparation, it has the same advantage that other natural head lice repellents have: completely safe with no side effect or toxicity.  However, the potent effects of Delycin on head lice let it stand out from other herbal repellents.  Normally just one application is enough to wipe out head lice.  A reasonable explanation is that, unlike those natural preparations with only one or two herbs, Delycin is composed of several Chinese herbs, which may act on head lice via different mechanisms, thus synergetic effects are possible.  This may also explain why head lice have little chance to develop resistance to Delycin.

That is not all.  Delycin has more advantages: no alcohol, no essential oil and no odours.  All these properties have pushed Delycin to the first choice position for many customers.

How Delycin was developed

In 1999, when Herbal World started to provide traditional Chinese therapies to local people in Surrey, it was found that there was a strong market call for natural treatment on head lice.

Dr Ding Liu, the co-founder of Herbal World, then started to develop "Rapid Headlice Killer", the first generation product based on Chinese herbs.  Subsequently the "Rapid Headlice Killer" was put into market via the branches of Herbal World in London, Surrey, Dorset and Salisbury.  Very soon local people found this product to be surprisingly very effective.  Some people even suggested that "Rapid Headlice Killer" could not only kill the adult head lice, but also destroy their eggs, because just one application was enough to wipe out head lice infestation.

Since then, "Rapid Headlice Killer" is very successful and has been sold a few thousands of bottles.  One Italian customer treated her child using it when they were in UK for holiday.  She then bought a few for her friends as the gifts when she returned to Italy.  Such success greatly motivated the development of
Delycin, the second generation product for head lice.

It has to mention Dr Ding Liu's role in this successful story.  Dr Liu obtained his first degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in early 1980s.  He then pursued a research Master's degree in Pharmacology before completed his PhD studies in Pharmacy at King's College London in 1997. Afterward he carried on doing new medicine development work at King's College and remains to be a senior research scientist at this world class institute.  With the combination of the knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medical sciences, Dr Liu is really the driving force behind the development of "Rapid Headlice Killer" and
Delycin.  We aim to introduce this excellent product in the UK nationwide and other EU countries.